Why should you choose our sliding doors? 

Sliding doors are traditional favourites when it comes to small or large-sized entrances. We offer four types of sliding doors suitable for every budget, style and personal preference. Our sliding patio doors are of the highest quality. Moreover, it provides your home with a view of the garden and loads of light. As with all Domus Solutions products, sliding doors also maintain excellent insulation and energy-efficiency properties.

Aluminium Sliding doors


The ultra-slim sliding doors with a 20mm sightline and stunning finish that offers a seamless transition alongside high-performance features.

Enjoy amazing views of the outside from the comfort of your own home with ultra-slim frame sliding doors that invite the outdoors inside with an effortless transition. You couldn’t find a better or more stylish product!



Ultra-slim frame Sliding Doors

sliding doors


The InfiniGLIDE3 aluminium sliding doors are a unique product that is tailor-made to your home. With an unlimited choice when it comes to the finishes and options for your glass doors, it is a flexible and versatile choice for any project type. With large glass sliding doors, you can transform the look of a space with a minimalist appeal and slim sightlines.

If you want a solution that will bring natural sunlight into space to give the illusion of airy grandness and to create a lively and warm ambience, paired with outstanding functionality, InfiniGLIDE3 ticks all of the boxes. You’ll enjoy high-quality, sliding glass doors that look good and perform well.

Each of our aluminium and glass doors is tailored to the project in hand. Designed expertly with every intricate detail taken into consideration; the quality and perfect finish are apparent every time. With every project, there are a series of quality control checks carried out to make sure that every door meets the expected high standards.

With the InfiniGLIDE3, there are several opening configurations available. Whether you want 1-6 sliding sashes or 1-3 rails, it’s entirely up to you and your project requirements. The slim frame is available in colour powder coating to complement the interior décor or property or with a wood effect for texture and more traditional look.



ADD PERFECTIONsliding doors

With a 20mm sightline, the InfiniGLIDE3 provides a virtually frameless sliding patio door that allows for panoramic views without obstruction. It is particularly beneficial when adding the doors into a property or building that has outstanding views, whether urban or rural. The slim, stunning and contemporary design is a welcome focal point for any room.

The threshold height of 44mm means that our ultra-slim g doors are suitable for accessibility, with a low threshold and floor to ceiling finish. It maximises the amount of light that enters the area. It also makes the transition from the interior to the exterior simple and easy.

The glazing thickness of 26-30mm ensures a lightweight design and compact door solution while ensuring security and protection from the outside world. With a resilient and robust glazing system in place, the InfiniGLIDE3 is a smart solution for thermal efficiency and energy conservation.

Our sleek sliding doors designed to be incredibly watertight, are adept at keeping moisture out and warmth in. The InfiniGLIDE3 has a water tightness class of 7A, giving you complete peace of mind about the protection of the property as well as the performance of your sliding doors.


To summarise:

  • Ultra-slim 20mm interlock
  • Up to 2.2m x 3m per panel
  • Fully concealable frame
  • Three tracks and pocket door option
  • Fully openable and glass-to-glass corners
sliding doors
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