Four great reasons to get  French doors:

Perhaps you’re looking to transform the front of your home? Or the gateway to your garden? We have the door for you! A sophisticated set of French doors for elegant charm, a classic sliding patio doors for an effortless exit, or a contemporary Bi-Fold to completely open up your world. Our selection features stylish, secure and longlasting doors that will make an ordinary outlook extraordinary. Crafted from the very latest in uPVC, every door in the range is low in maintenance, high security and exceptionally aesthetic, enhancing your home with natural light and human-made beauty.

french doors


When it comes to keeping the warmth in and the cold at bay, they’re also energy-efficient and durable, whatever the British weather has in store. This refined collection of high-quality doors will add a distinctive touch to your home, whether you’re looking for a colourful character or a more traditional feel. Whichever style you choose, you’re guaranteed a door that works perfectly for your home, family and lifestyle.

1. Security of French Doors

good lock is not enough.

Your door may look great, feel solid, and have a great multi-point lock, but what’s the point if it can be disabled in a few seconds via a faulty cylinder lock? Here’s why Ultion cylinder is supplied with all our doors as a standard. It is different. It’s better. 

Hidden attack lock

When Ultion detects an attack, it activates “Lockdown Mode”. A hidden firing pin in Ultion’s core secures the central cam and stops the intruder being able to open the door.

Key Control. Another layer of security.

Our keys keep what we have safe, and we keep our keys safe. That’s why Ultion now comes with the extra protection of Ultion Key Control.

  • Your keys are linked only to you.
  • Nobody can cut keys without your permission.
  • Early warning system for extra protection.
Unbeaten in every test, literally

As well as being approved by the Police and achieving the highest Kitemark star rating Ultion is tested by locksmiths with the Master Locksmith Association and is accredited with their highest standard. Sold Secure Diamond.


2.Variety of styles

with carefully selected colours, we can make your doors as unique to you as you like. Choose from either classic white or an authentic grain-effect finish including oak, black, cream and white grain.

Please get in touch with us if you have a specific colour in mind! We always get excited to hear about unique projects!

Double doors complement all house types, while can be further personalised with authentic hardware. We offer traditional, heritage, modern, architectural range of door accessories for you to choose from ad make your door unique! Georgian or astragal bar options are available to enhance the aesthetics of your doors. Furthermore, doors could be supplied as a single product or could be coupled to any other product to achieve the desired look, for example, French doors with side windows. Doors are available in a choice of a sculptured profile for a more rounded, ornate style or bevelled for an angular, more modern finish. Fitted with a choice of toughened or laminated glazing, they are available as double or triple-glazed.


3. Lasting performance

Our French doors have ten years guarantee not only on frames but also on double glazed units as well as door furniture. It comes supplied with FAB&FIX accessories as a standard. The multi-chambered construction of our doors gives added strength and improved thermal efficiency.

4. Easy maintenance

With a minimal amount of care and maintenance, your doors will stay looking good and perform superbly for many years to come. It seems like a valuable, long-lasting asset giving continued satisfaction and pride. Finally, our French doors are easy to use and simplicity itself to care for and maintain.

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DID YOU KNOW? French doors open fully out to the width of space available and can be specified as inward or outward opening.