4 great reasons to get  French doors:

1. Security of French Doors

Our doors have a 10 point security locking system.  Furthermore, we supply and install it at no extra cost. As a result, you receive maximum safety and the peace of mind as a standard and free of charge.

French Doors
French Doors

Two reverse hooks, two rollers and deadbolt multipoint locking with sash lifter mechanism ensuring the lock is continually engaged throughout its working life fitted to a prime door. Finger bolts fitted as standard to slave leaf and galvanised steel reinforcement, as a result, makes us proud to be able to install it!

2.Variety of styles

with carefully selected colours, we can make your doors as unique to you as you like. Choose from either classic white or an authentic grain-effect finish including oak, black, cream and white grain.

(Please get in touch with us if you have a specific colour in mind! We always get excited to hear about unique projects!)

Double doors complement all house types, while can be further personalised with authentic hardware. Georgian or astragal bar options are available to enhance the aesthetics of your doors. Furthermore, doors could be supplied as a single product or could be coupled to any other product to achieve the desired look, for example, French doors with side windows.


3. Lasting performanceqlon-close-up

First of all, there are gaskets. Also, there’s QLon – known as the ‘rolled in gasket’.  It has an excellent compression recovery of 99%, hence, giving constant height at corners for improved weathering and does not produce weld sprue.

Since weatherseal performance matters in windows, therefore we supply Q-Lon pre-inserted into all sections.

4. Easy maintenance
French Doors
French Doors with toplight windows

With a minimal amount of care and maintenance, your doors will stay looking good and perform superbly for many years to come. Seems like a valuable long-lasting asset giving continued satisfaction and pride. Finally, our French doors are easy to use and simplicity itself to care for and maintain.

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